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FTTH interoperability, resilience and reliability

DKT’s philosophy is to work closely with operators to understand their challenges and design, manufacture and supply elegant but practical FTTH network products which are interoperable, resilient and reliable (no vendor lock-in).

DKT reduces complexity by separating the “layers” to create neutral demarcation points in the network. For example, our fibre termination units with click on ONTs (active ethernet, GPON and XGSPON) are separate from the service boxes (L3). Our simple “click on” design allows end-user activation as well as superior flexibility/interoperability.

Come talk to us about our latest developments:
• A click on GPON ONT to join the active ethernet and XGSPON family,
• Our “extallation/installation” fibre termination unit eliminating/minimizing in-home time/touch
• Centralized OTDR testing for whole life, condition monitoring of the customer connection
DKT is part of the BTV Multimedia Group, which provides a wide portfolio of products and services for FTTH networks