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The annual FTTH Conference is unique in bringing together 'C' level representatives, investors, technical and regulatory experts to discuss and debate all aspects of FTTH, 5G and other fibre related and enabled technologies and services and the benefit they bring to society. There is no other conference quite like it.

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Targeting 3,500+ participants from 1,000+ companies and over 100 countries, the FTTH Conference is the largest meeting place in the world for broadband stakeholders!

This year we meet physical again!  Don’t miss the opportunity to meet hundreds of delegates and more than 100 exhibitors and partners, showcasing the latest fibre, FTTH products & solutions and introducing the latest industry trends.

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  • Latest fibre enabled technologies & solutions
  • Fibre & 5G convergence
  • Business models & investing in fibre networks
  • Marketing of fibre networks & take-up rates
  • Market insights and yearly panorama with ranking of countries in FTTH/B
  • Fibre networks for sustainability
  • Fibre-enabled services and new smart ways of working
  • And much, much more
European policy & regulation: on the road to the  “Digital Decade”

European policy & regulation: on the road to the “Digital Decade”

The European Commission's ‘Digital Compass’ outlines targets for Europe’s digital transformation by 2030 but what are the policies that will be necessary to realise their goals and objectives?

How does the European FTTH market compare to other regions of the world?

How does the European FTTH market compare to other regions of the world?

During lates FTHH Virtual Conference 2021, a series of panel sessions explore the European FTTH market and zoon in on three key countries to more closely examine the challenges each national market is facing

Impressive 'C' level speakers line-up

Impressive 'C' level speakers line-up

The FTTH Conference attracts a broad and important representation of business leaders, technology experts, policy makers and investors from across the fibre ecosystem.

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Browse our 2022 programme

Browse our 2022 programme

20 expert workshops, 19 conference panels sessions and 6 keynote speeches offering insights from leading policy makers, business leaders, technology experts and investors.

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