S&T Iskratel

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S&T Iskratel is the leading European provider of sustainable solutions for network and service providers, industries and governments. While nurturing its own R&D and manufacturing centres, Iskratel's global service centres support customers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Iskratel's broadband solutions efficiently address end-to-end delivery of manageable broadband services. The SI3000 Lumia OLTs equip operators with industry-leading density and deployment versatility, while the Innbox customer-premises equipment guarantees gigabit connectivity and supreme user experience.

Focused to securing operators' long-term business success, Iskratel delivers SI3000 Lumia GPON/XGS-PON OLTs for a prolonged lifecycle and optimised TCO, while their applicability even in harsh environments fits urban and rural setups. Iskratel's programmable solutions for software-defined access bring tangible TCO savings to forward-looking operators when virtualising the central office.

Iskratel's Innbox CPE suits single or multi-operator environments, and guarantees multi-gigabit mesh Wi-Fi coverage across the premises. Integrated FTUs lower the deployment costs, while remote management reduces operating costs.

Iskratel is continuously reducing its environmental impact and energy consumption by introducing environmentally friendly technologies and designing eco-friendly products. Committed to creating a positive future, Iskratel helps operators make the seamless evolution to sustainability.

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