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The FTTH Conference attracts a broad and important representation of business leaders, technology experts, policy makers and investors from across the fibre ecosystem

Giorgio Iovino

CEO | brsk |

Giorgio is the co-founder & CEO of brsk, an “Altnet” that builds and operates a full fibre network in the UK. He started his journey in fibre as a founding member of Vumatel, the company credited for igniting FTTH deployments in South Africa, and is now the largest open access FTTH operator in the country. He spent six years with Vumatel where he gained valuable experience in large-scale FTTP deployments and in setting up the operations to support a fast growing network. He ended his tenure as COO after its sale in 2019. After a short sabbatical he relocated and co-founded brsk in the UK, taking his experience and learnings into this new venture.


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