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Veronica Thunholm

CEO | Stokab |

Veronica Thunholm is the CEO of Stokab in Stockholm, Sweden’s largest dark fibre network.

For more than 25 years Stokab has built, maintained and leased dark fibre in the Stockholm region where its network now extends to 99 percent of the households and 90 percent of the commercial properties in the region. With close to 24,000 nodes and hundreds of hubs, Stokab’s customers are already edge-ready.

The Stokab fibre network has since 1994 been financed by competitive market conditions while its owner, the City of Stockholm, has played a crucial role in the long-term commitment of the fibre network development.

For two decades, Veronica Thunholm has worked in various executive positions at Stokab. Amongst her roles has been that of deputy CEO and director of sales and marketing. She has played an important role in the fibre roll out in Stockholm and has substantial experience within the telecom market. In earlier years, Veronica worked in the construction sector.


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