Gerhard Haidvogel

Managing Director, CTO | Kabelplus GmbH |

Born in 1960, married with two kids, boy 26 years, girl 28 years, living in Maria Enzersdorf in Lower Austria, Austria. In 1982 Gerhald starts working in EVN Group, based in Lower Austria, an international operating utility serving with electricity, gas, heat, waste incineration, water treatment, telecommunication services in over 10 countries. He will work for Group IT for 29 years. In 2012 joins Kabelplus GmbH as Managing Director, CTO – a telecommunication company serving over 130.000 customers in Lower Austria and Burgenland with internet, TV and telephony; and providing Business Solution such as Corporate Networks, Internet Access, BVOIP and so forth. Since autumn 2014 all new networks and all relevant network expansions are built in FTTH PTP only. In November 2020 he is elected as Chair of the professional body representing telecommunication and broadcast companies in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. 


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