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The FTTH Conference attracts a broad and important representation of business leaders, technology experts, policy makers and investors from across the fibre ecosystem

Alex Goldblum

CEO | Eurofiber |

Alex Goldblum (1975) is CEO of Eurofiber, a provider of industry-leading open digital infrastructure. After an 8-year career at Royal Dutch Shell, he joined Eurofiber and became its Chief Executive Officer in January 2007. Since then, Alex has led the growth of the organization from start up, through scale up, to an established European market leader. He fine-tuned Eurofiber’s company philosophy of open access networks as a driver for innovation and prosperity, a model that has not only proved to be successful economically, but that is nowadays also accepted as the most sustainable way in which digital connectivity can be realized. To date, 15 years after Alex’ start at Eurofiber, the company multiplied its network, which now counts 60,100 kilometers and grows with over 40 kilometers a week.


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