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The FTTH Conference attracts a broad and important representation of business leaders, technology experts, policy makers and investors from across the fibre ecosystem

Trevor Linney

Director, Network Technology | Openreach |

Trevor has spent his career at the leading edge of inventing and developing new access network technology for connecting homes and business to telecommunications networks.  Today he is Openreach’s Network Technology Director, responsible for the design and development of all Openreach’s Full fibre, Ethernet, Optical and superfast platforms connecting millions of customers in the UK.   

Before joining Openreach, Trevor was a research director at BT labs responsible for Openreach’s applied research and BT’s “Networks Physics” programmes.  This included leading teams investigating the fundamental physics of communications, new transmission systems, new access architectures and robotics for deploying full fibre (FTTP).   

Trevor is a Chartered Engineer, a member of the EPSRC Strategic Advisory Network (SAN) Group, a member of the IET and co-vice chair of the UK NICC’s Technical Steering Group. 


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